Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tory MP calls for ethnic cleansing

I saw the link to a post on Nadine Dorries blog declaring that Gypsies and Travellers aren't welcome in her constituency and should be forced to live like normal settled people on Iain Dale's Diary last night (more on his condoning of Dorries racism later maybe if I have calmed down). It annoyed me then, and thinking about it in bed this morning it made my blood boil. We have an MP, of a major British party, effectively calling for ethnic cleansing, the driving of an ethnic group from an area just because they are different.

I quote:

"For all the bleeding hearts that are about to blog me and tell me that gypsies and travellers are now classed as an ethnic group because of their culture and beliefs I say this - I have no problem with that. You can believe and follow whatever culture you like – but if you want to live in England you do it living in a house, send your children to school and conform to the societal framework that the rest of us have to, because that’s how it is in Britain. That’s how we live; it’s a British culture thing."

So according to Ms Norries you can only live in the UK if your 'culture' fits with her view of what British culture is. I assume everybody else is to be driven into the sea, or perhaps marched to a gas chamber (I know, I know, Godwin's law. But given the history of the treatment of the romani and associated peoples in modern European history its not an unfair comparison to make).

So because you choose to live your life in a metal box on wheels, rather than a brick box without wheels, you don't have a place in British society. Doesn't matter that you work, pay your taxes, send your kids to school and abide by the law (as most Gypsies and Travellers do). Nadine Dorries MP doesn't like your culture, so you must change it or go.

This is not to deny there isn't a lot of friction between some sections of the Gypsy and Traveller communities and some parts of the settled community, and that some of it is the fault of individuals or groups within the Gypsy and Traveller communities. But that isn't a reason for driving all Gypsies and Travellers from England, no more than actions of Geoffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitkin are a reason for rounding up all Tories.

Well thank you Ms Dorrie for reminding me why I got active in politics in the first place. It was to stand up to bigots like you.

PS re-reading her post I note the 'poor' are unwelcome in Ms Dorrie's constituency too. Well I say poor, actually anybody with the average household income can stay out,

" If you want to live in Flitton village, get yourself an education, a good job, save up and buy yourself a house."

According to rightmove the cheapest property for sale in Flitton is on the market for £220,000. So you would need a household income in excess of £50,000 to be allowed to live in Ms Dorries constituency. So much for the Tories being a party for everyone.


Blogger Tristan said...

I've long thought discrimination against Roma/gypsies/travellers has been the acceptable face of racism in this country.

That said, one point which should be raised is that to live in this country you should accept the culture of liberal tolerance we're meant to be famous for. Hmmm... she's not doing that is she?

Another interesting point about travellers, is that a lot of the folk music which originates with them is about wanting to find somewhere to settle down and not being able/allowed to.

Final point - if travellers commit crimes, then prosecute them, that is what the law is for. To paint all travellers as criminals is as reprehensible as painting all black people as gangsters or all jews as misers.

12:51 pm  
Anonymous James Graham said...

I read that post last week and was stumped on how to respond - it more or less spoke for itself.

The stuff about Cher and gypsies wanting to steal her for her blonde hair were beyond parody.

All her rhetoric about wanting travellers to settle down is directly contradicted by her policy of not letting them settle down anywhere. Before the Tories tore up the rulebook in the 90s, every local authority had equal responsibility for the problem meaning that it could, to an extent, be dissipated. They have single handedly created a problem that wasn't there (at least not to the degree it is now) before. God help us if they ever get back into power.t

5:05 pm  
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