Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh the irony

Paul Wolfowitz who has raised many hackles with his forthright (many would say overzealous) crusade against corruption during his tenure as head of the World Bank has admitted to over promoting and overpaying his partner. Those neo-cons, such paragons of virtue.


Blogger Tristan said...

He's quite right to attack corruption though. It is one of the leading causes of poverty and barriers to growth.

As for his situation - he's an idiot there. He should have kept out of it.

9:29 am  
Blogger Bernard said...

I don't think anybody would argue in principal that corruption in some (many) developing coutries isn't a problem that holds their development back.

However, one has to be pragmatic in such things. Otherwise you risk cutting off your nose to spite your face. My understanding (gleaned admittedly from sources no more sophisticated than the Economist) is that Wolfowitz has tended to put principal ahead of pragmatism rather too much.

11:39 pm  

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