Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They do things differently in Scotland

Labour's campaign for the Scottish Parliament has sparked controversy yet again. Jack McConnell's visit to Nairn to open their new golf centre over the weekend has allegedly sparked outrage from local residents. Not you understand for anything he said, but because he went on a Sunday.

Apparently there is an unwritten rule that the parties don't campaign in the Highlands on the Sabbath, and the SNP have thrown a hissy fit. Labour have predictably tried to spin their way out of the issue by claiming that the First Minister holding a photocall and then rallying the troops in the local Tesco's cafe doesn't constitute campaigning. Oh really?

Anyway what assumed me was the quote from our own Danny Alexander that he encouraged his deliverers not to go out on a Sunday because it is, 'important that people involved in campaigning have a break'. The organisers I know tend to take the view that the only Sunday activists should take off is the one after the election, assuming they have already got their thank you Focus out!


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