Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More evidence that Cameron's rebranding is going to plan...

... or perhaps not.

Barnet Tory Councillor Brian Gordon shows how far the Conservatives have come. 25 years ago they were calling for Nelson Mandela to be hanged, now they dress up as him.

As with Patrick Mercer his major offence is not that he stepped over the line, its that he doesn't even seem to realise that there was a line to cross. Even worse (certainly for the modernising Tory's who want to keep the more traditional elements of their base hidden away from the electorate) is the that his Council Leader, a Mike Freer, rather than condemning or at least distancing himself from this muppet, actually defended him.

According to Mike it was just a bit of fun and people shouldn't find blacking up offensive. Well thank you for putting us all straight on that Mr Freer; I'm looking forward to next weeks lesson on how faggot is really a term of endearment.

Hat Tip: James


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