Thursday, March 22, 2007

Conservatives show unity on Gay rights

Whilst the Tories in the Commons may be deeply split on the issue of Gay rights the Lords party is almost as one . They don't like those Homos, no not at all.

The Tory Lords split 70 to 4 against the sexual orientation regulations last night. On a free vote its an impressive example of philosophical cohesion. Pity their leader disagrees with them. Oh well the new caring sharing Tory party was a nice photo op.

On a related point, as James has pointed out, it seems like Brian Souter is getting his money's worth from the SNP already.


Blogger James said...

It's interesting to see there appear to be fewer homophobes in the Lib Dem Lords Party than the Lib Dem Commons Party, both numerically and as a proportion of those voting.

11:35 am  

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