Tuesday, March 27, 2007

John McCain in Favour of Gay Marriage??

This morning John McCain candidate for the Republican nomination for President announced via his MySpace page that he was in favour of Gay Marriage.

Is this a bold (some may say suicidal) step that will shake up the race for the nomination? Is his use of MySpace to make this announcement an indication of how even the oldest of politicians are trying to reach out to the young through new media?

Well not really.

In fact its more a warning to all those politicians who try to harness new technology without really understanding it. It turns out that whoever set up McCain's profile stole an image from another profile, a Mike Davidson. Even worse they were pulling the image direct from Mike's server, thereby using his bandwidth whenever anybody loaded the McCain page.

Unfortunately for McCain, Mr Davidson spotted this and decided to replace the image on his server with one declaring the senator from Arizona's support for same-sex couples (especially of the female variety), which was then faithfully reproduced on McCain's MySpace page until somebody pulled the image. Full story is here (hat tip political wire)


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