Thursday, June 21, 2007

Its not that the Australian Government is racist...

its just that they know how to run the brown peoples lives better than they do.

This of course has nothing to do with the fact their is an election in the offing and John Howard is behind in the polls. Such a fine upstanding citizen would never stoop to stirring up xenophobia or racism to win an election.

No he just needs to find a scapegoat.


Blogger Tristan said...

Howard is a nasty piece of work. At least he shows that Liberal parties aren't necessarily liberal though...

9:12 am  
Blogger Julian H said...

There was a representative of the Australian Liberal Party on 18 Doughty Street a couple of months ago.

He was about as liberal as Pol Pot.

Actually used the line "if you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to hide".

6:03 pm  

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