Monday, June 18, 2007

Why I am not a Tory

I recently explained to a colleague that the reason why I'm a Lib Dem not a Tory can perhaps be best summed up in two words, Ann Widdecombe. Any party that could not just tolerate but actually venerate her, and her Victorian views on society, couldn't also find a place for me. But, she protested, the Widdecombe's of this world are a small if vocal minority in Dave Cameron's new model Tory's. Its now chock full of tree hugging, immigrant loving, twenty something hipsters.

Well if that's true, somebody should tell the parliamentary party; it appears that a large proportion of them haven't got the memo. For those people who have been claiming this survey isn't representative of the Tory party as whole, lets not forget that they split 3:1 against equal rights for LGB people in March this year, and that according to the voice of the grassroots Conservative Home over a 3rd of Tory members wouldn't even go to the wedding of a gay friend. It seems like dear Ann isn't so lonely in the Tories after all.


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