Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another false dawn? (England 42 - Scotland 20)

Just got back from Twickenham having watched perhaps the best all-round English performance since before the World Cup.

Jonny Wilkinson will get all the coverage tomorrow, and he was almost back to his awesome best (that try was simply stunning). But even better IMO was the performance put in by Harry Ellis, the oft maligned Leicester scrum half. Not only did he make a series of searing breaks around the fringes but his service was good, his kicking from hand was solid including the precision grubber that set up Robinson's second try, and his decision making and vision was top draw culminating in his spotting Lund lurking on the wing and hitting with a precision pass before the Scottish cover defence could react.

So the walk home was filled with the feel good factor. However there is a thought nagging at the back of my mind. We put 40 points past Wales in our first game last year, and look how 2006 turned out.


Blogger Tristan said...

Its frankly amazing Jonny is back at that level already... That try shouldn't have been awarded though, his foot was in touch before he grounded the ball :(

I hope that this will give England some confidence, but I don't think they'll be cocky, there's enough in there to be worried about.

10:29 pm  

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