Saturday, February 03, 2007

Could Giuliani run as an Independent?

The knock on Rudy Giuliani's bid for the Whitehouse has always been that his socially liberal views would mean he couldn't make it out of the Republican Primaries.

Well according to Newsday (hat-tip Political Wire) he may be considering bypassing the GOP primaries altogether and running as independent. Although history suggests that third party bids for the presidency always end in failure Giuliani's celebrity would mean that if he ran seriously he would probably get enough media coverage to allow him to become a player in the race.

Its certainly something to keep an eye on if you are planning to "invest" in the outcome of the election.


Blogger Joyce said...

Usually that would be great, because an independent Republican (a la Ross Perot) would split the party and shoo in the Democrat. But, I think Guiliani voters are much more likely to be soft, socially liberal Republicans who would otherwise vote Democratic and could end up making it easier for the Rs to keep the White House.

3:30 pm  

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