Sunday, January 21, 2007

Has Hell frozen over?

A peace deal being struck between the RFU and the premiership clubs after 10 years of open warfare? (Telegraph story)

Munster losing at Thomond Park in a European cup game?

Andy Farrell is playing effectively at number 12?

Quins winning five in a row and playing exciting clinical running rugby (well in patches) matched with a stonewall defence?

Surely hell has frozen over and pigs have begun taking to the sky?

Well no. The French are throwing a strop and half the posters on CAW are predicting the apocalypse because although we put 4 tries past Connacht and dominated the game for long stretches we didn't totally annihilate them.

Do all clubs have such whiners, who would find fault even if their team played the perfect match? With Quins you can tell how well the team is doing purely on how many people are complaining about the bars or the food. I'm sure if we won the European Cup some people would complain about the way in which the captain lifted it.


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