Thursday, January 11, 2007

Creationism - an Inconvenient Myth

News from Washington State (via RCP) that a school district has ruled that Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is too controversial to be shown to school children following complaints from a parent.

Surprisingly this isn't the work of those dastardly climate change deniers at Enron or other raving Neo-Cons, but the latest example of the political power of creationists over the other side of the pond. Apparently a parent complained that Gore's lecture contradicted his belief (based on the Bible) that the Earth is only 14,000 years old, and the School Board in Federal Way responded by declaring a moratorium of showings in schools in the area.

So yet another example of scientific fact being suppressed by religious myth in the land of the free.

Of course anybody who has been touched by his noodly appendage knows that global warming was really caused by the disappearance of pirates from the high seas since the 1800s.


Blogger Chris Black said...

Sad and worrying.

Mind you, if global warming really happens as we expect then we will see quite a few extra examples of evolutionary change over the next couple of centuries as species adapt to changing conditions...

Ironical , isn't it?

7:31 am  

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