Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Tim Ireland got wrong about 'Guido'....

.... his worst crime is that he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Tim Ireland's attack on Paul Staines appears to have has set a few hearts a fluttering amongst the incestuous village of the UK blogosphere. Personally I stopped reading Guido regularly a while back, it felt like the record had got stuck and the self promotion was become ever more grating.

Anyway interest pricked by Tim's attack (like many people the best way to get me to push the big red button is to put a do not touch sign on it) I wandered over there at lunch time. At the time the lead item was this story (lifted wholesale from The Sun) about John Prescott's former mistress Tracy Temple returning to work in his office, with the punchline line "So now she and Prezza are both paid to do nothing in the DPM's office."

Except of course she isn't. As The Sun story makes clear Ms Temple is in fact working at the Department of Communities and Local Government (the department that was formed out of the old ODPM) not the DPM's Office. They are completely separate organisations. Anybody with any knowledge of Whitehall should know that, let alone somebody who professes to be a Westminster insider. And even if you didn't anybody with the average reading age of a Sun reader should have been able to have worked it out from reading the article from which you were taking the story from.


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