Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bloody hell... Mother would be proud

It appears that my humble blog has been nominated in the best newcomer category in the "prestigious" Lib Dem blog of the year awards. Thanks to whoever nominated me. Its nice to know that at least some of you aren't here just to find out whether David Strettle is gay (not as far as I know).

It is slightly strange, and not just because as Chris K has pointed out there are plenty of other more deserving blogs out there (including his own). Until I saw the advert from the student loans company that raised my ire so much I had to blow off some steam, I had pretty much
decided to let this wither on the vine. Partially because I had got out of the habit after a period without the internet, but mostly because politics (and english rugby) depresses me at the moment and I can't afford the outlay in tickets to turn this into a pure theatre blog (and
anyway these guys do it much better).

We shall see. In the meantime, as I won't be at conference due to a prior engagement over the channel watching England get pummelled, congratulations to whoever beats me.


Blogger Joyce said...

So, who won? I haven't had the internets, so it wasn't me that nominated you! Wonder if I'm still on the list...

5:01 pm  

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