Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ealing Southall - Where are all the posters?

Wandering around Ealing yesterday evening I was struck by the lack of posters that have gone up. I can remember Leicester South when the whole constituency went orange (or at least thats how it seemed) or Brent East when nearly every house in some streets in Willesden Green were showing their support to one side or the other.

In the bits of Ealing Common ward I was delivering I only saw three posters total (all Lib Dem incidentally), and when I was in Southall the last couple of weekends I can only remember seeing a solitary Labour poster. Maybe I've just been in the wrongs parts of town, but it does strike me as odd. Are we heading for a record low turnout, or are the good people of Ealing just shy?


Anonymous Steve said...

No, you're right.

Some people still don't even know there's an election next week. outside the hothouse of Southall's political machines, the rest of the constituency is not showing much interest.

9:43 am  

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