Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No Kevin say what you mean

Generally the BBC's editors blog is quite dull. Generally used by programme editors to either puff their programme or defend an editorial decision that has annoyed a particular lobby group.

I was therefore surprised to see this piece from Kevin Marsh laying into the Sun and Richard Littlejohn for questioning the BBC's decision not suspend their critical facilities in reporting the recent terror arrests in Birmingham. Its well worth a read for the amusement value alone. Its good to see the BBC willing to more muscular in the defence of the principles of good balanced against those who think it should kowtow their particular political agenda. Perhaps the corporation is finally getting its bottle back post Hutton.

As an aside, if this quote:

Be honest, until you heard that a woman had been injured, how many of you suppressed a cheer at the news someone had sent a letter bomb to the company which runs London's congestion charge?
Even after we learnt that two men were treated for blast injuries, I'll bet that there were still plenty of motorists who thought: serves the bastards right.

taken from the Littlejohn article Marsh is responding to is accurate does anybody fancy having a word with those nice people at Scotland Yard. Surely a prima facie case of the glorification of terrorism if ever there was one.


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