Saturday, February 17, 2007

How to do video campaigning

Internet videos seem to be all the rage for politicians at the moment. Webcamron has been suitably mocked over here, and you can't move over the other side of the pond for aspiring presidents announcing their intentions to be the next leader of the free world on youtube.

Of course the problem is that most of them are crap. Shoddily made and/or with pieces to camera that say bunny in the headlights rather than great statesman (or both). In the case of Obama I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.

However from Minnesota comes comedian Al Franken launching his bid for the US Senate. Now many people much more qualified than I have doubts about Franken's ability to win, but he sure knows how to make a campaign launch video. Professionally shot, well delivered and with an effective message (I may be a famous rich liberal comedian but I understand what its like to be a hard working middle class parent, because those are my roots) without hammering people over the head with it (Hillary 'I'm just an ordinary Mom' Clinton).

Something perhaps for Ming to learn from?


Blogger Edward said...

I think you're being harsh on Ming. Although he's not the best 1 on 1 on camera, he's not a trained actor/comedian like Franken and compared to rival politicians he does a good job.

The party has worked really hard to produce a lot more web video content over recent months and the quality has notably improved. We're certainly way ahead of Labour and the Tories. (Webcameron doesn't count because it's centered on Cameron?

It's worth remembering that quality isn't everything when it comes to web video. I would argue that 18 Doughty Street's attack ads look too slick and well produced to be effective online. Above all else, it's important they appear authentic.

8:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree. The atest Lib Dem videos leave much to be desired. You wouldn't accept shoddy quality furniture just for its home grown feel so why should you trust someone with your future when the extent of their technical ability appears to be sitting in front of a video camera, where, moreover, the person working it does nothing but set up the tripod and sit there with a static camera, allowing people to walk across the picture and talk loudly next to it.

12:28 pm  

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