Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heaven knows I'm miserable now (Control)

Trip to the cinema this evening to catch Control the Ian Curtis biopic. Its been praised to the heavens by the critics, and for good reason. Even if it starts slowly by the second half it has dragged you in to such an extent that the ending, even though you know what's coming, is devastating. It is the closest I've been to crying in a cinema since I blubbed through the last 15mins of Boys Don't Cry.

Sam Riley is a revelation, with a mere shrug of his shoulders and a downward roll of his eyes he communicates the absolutely devastating depression Curtis suffered in the last months of his life. And Anton Corbijn's direction, although sometimes a little by the numbers in terms of plot progression, is never less than visually stunning. Even the credits are a joy to look at. Go and see it.

PS the advert below, which was part of the trailer reel, tickled my funny bone which probably says about as much about me as anything else.


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