Thursday, December 28, 2006

Forwards win matches - not at Worcester (Worcester 20 - Harlequins 27)

Harlequins beat Worcester in last nights bottom of the table clash, leaving Worcester adrift and looking at their messageboards this morning without hope.

I wasn't at the game so can't really comment, but looking at today's coverage in the press and the comments on comeallwithin this morning it seems like we got stuffed up front. Now one thing I've had drummed into me since I started watching rugby seriously is that "forwards win matches", the backs merely decide by how much.

It appears that Worcester, however, are trying to turn this maxim on its head. When they played at the Stoop earlier in their season their backline looked slower and more laboured than many of the ones we faced in division 1 last year. Now it appears that they have given up completly, gifting quins two of three tries last night through ineptitude and offering paper thin defence for the other. This in a game reduced to uncontested scrums after both of Quins props buckled under/took a dive due to (delete as appropriate to your level of cynicism) the pressure the Worcester scrum was putting on ours. If I were in the Warrior tight five I would be having words with their backline on Monday morning.


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